The Benefits of Skipping

Benefits of Skipping

Many of my clients don’t enjoy skipping and see it as a waste of time or just as an exercise to warm up. However, I’m here to tell you there are many benefits to skipping:

1. Skipping can help you burn the required calories to lose weight. A person who weighs about 70kg will burn approximately 700 calories an hour if skipping at a moderate pace. If you can skip twice a day for 15 minutes you can burn approximately 350 calories. Of course, diet also plays a factor to help you lose weight.

2. It will help you improve your cardiovascular system. As you work your cardiovascular system, it becomes fitter. You will also find yourself suffering less from shortness of breath amid various activities, as it will help you build your stamina.

3. Skipping regularly improves the muscle tone in the legs, lower body and in the upper body as your shoulders and arms work the rope. You also engage your abdominal muscles to stabilize your core when skipping.

4. Skipping helps develop coordination and footwork for ring movement.

5. It enhances your rhythm which will help you move in the ring.

Here are some tips to get you started:
• Breathe through your nose.
• Land on the balls of your foot with your knees slightly bent.
• Stand straight without curling into a ball in the air.
• Spin the rope using your arms/wrists, not your shoulders (this keeps your shoulders and traps loose).
• Let the rope hit the floor gently so you have a rhythm to follow.
• Don’t jump too high. You only need to jump enough to get over the rope.

If you have any questions about skipping, just send me an email!

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