Running for Boxing

Running for Boxing

Just started running to improve your conditioning in boxing? Great idea! However, it is important not to go full throttle right from the start. It’s important to get some kilometres in your legs otherwise you may find yourself getting little niggles or even injured.

Here is a running workout that you can use when you first start running on an athletics track:

Warm up:
2 – laps at a slow pace. Just to get your legs moving and blood pumping.

5 x 60m runs throughs at 50% pace

5 x 80m runs throughs at 80% pace

When doing the run throughs ensure to get your knees high and swing your arms straight.

Working set:
Sprint 400m – Aim for 90 second lap pace

Jog 400m

Walk 400m

Repeat another two times.

Warm down:
1 lap – slow jog around the track followed by some static stretching.

Try this at the track next time and see how you go.

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