Running for Boxing II

Running for Boxing II

So, you’ve been running for a while and want to vary what you do at the track. This next workout really burns the lungs and pushes you to the limit. Head to your closest 800m athletics track and try this:

Warm up:
1 – 400m lap at a slow pace. Just to get your legs moving and blood pumping.

5 x 80m runs throughs at 60% pace

5 x 80m runs throughs at 90% pace

When doing the run throughs ensure you get your knees high and swing your arms straight. After completing your run throughs have a stretch.

Working set:
10 x 200m sprints – Aim to run the sprints at 30-35 second lap pace. In between each sprint slowly jog around to the 200m mark for your break.

Warm down:
2 laps – slow jog around the track following by some static stretching.

Try this at the track next time and see how you go.

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