How To Do Bicycles Correctly

How To Do Bicycles Correctly

Everyone’s favourite ab exercise which can be extremely beneficial if done properly. If not done properly, you look like a beetle on its back trying to get up. Unfortunately this ab exercise if often done poorly eliminating any of the benefits. Bicycles use your upper and lower abdominals and are fantastic for boxing because of the rotational movement.

Here is my guide on how to do them:

1. Start with your hands on your head.

2. Lock your upper body so not to let your arms, shoulder and chest move independently.

3. Fully extend your left leg out as you bring your right knee towards your chest. To work your lower abs you need to straighten your legs so you have to work to stabilise and keep them off the ground.

4. Rotate and move your left elbow to meet your right knee. This helps you get maximum contraction out of the muscle.

Now enjoy the pleasure and pain this exercise brings you! Don’t look like a beetle on its back anymore!

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