Benefits of Shadow Boxing

Benefits of Shadow Boxing

An exercise that all professional/amateur boxers use to become a better boxer. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of my clients say they feel like a clown or feel awkward punching thin air or they don’t know the purpose of shadow boxing. It allows you to work on and improve several things: footwork, punching from different angles, technique, speed, movement and defence.

Shadow boxing can be used for practising certain skills in boxing:
– warming up and down
– work on specific combinations
– footwork (changing angles, stepping off to the side, moving in and out, working on your balance)
– shadow sparring (where you are sparring an opponent but not making contact)
– slipping
– weaving

If you get a chance, get onto YouTube and type in Manny Pacquiao or Mike Tyson shadow boxing. Their hand speed is unbelievable!

The next time you shadow box, try working on a few of the above skills and enjoy it!

If you have any questions about shadow boxing, just send me an email!

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