Benefits of Sled

Benefits of Sled

Santa isn’t the only one who should be putting a sled to good use! The sled is a is an awesome training tool that has many benefits. A good sled workout only takes a short amount of time. Some benefits are:

1. It helps you burn fat.

2. It can be used to develop strength, power, speed and muscular endurance.

3. It’s versatile – You can use it for a warm up or at the end of your weight session. You can push it for speed. Do a progression. You can push or pull it. Do it for a certain amount of time. Do sled suicides. Do sled intervals. There are many options for you to use the sled. It’s great to mix it up and keep your training interesting!

4. It’s easy to use. Pushing or pulling a sled is simple to teach and learn. There is no excuse for saying “I don’t know how to use the equipment.”

5. It forces you to work hard. For the sled to move, you must push it! As long as you have added weight and try to push it with speed the sled is going to be a hard workout.

6. It does not require any spotting so you don’t need someone to watch you while doing a sled workout.

7. Workouts are short but they are high in intensity. You can do a sled workout in under 20 minutes and get an intense conditioning workout that will help you burn fat. So there is no excuse for not having time.

8. They are great for a recovery too. Sleds can be used after a hard workout or on days off for active recovery.

Enjoy smashing the sled!

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