A Boxing Workout

A Boxing Workout

I often get asked, when I train and what sort of training I do. A lot of the time I train myself as most people have work in the middle of the day so it’s hard to find someone to train with. If I box by myself I like to mix it up a little to work on a few different things. So here is a workout I use when boxing by myself.

1. I Start off with 3 x 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing focusing on high workout and lots of head and feet movement.

2. 3 x 3 minute rounds on a bag with a decent work rate. Thinking about my defence and incorporating head and body movement. It is important to think that the bag will hit me back otherwise I can get lazy.

3. 30s on 30s off x 3 minute (3 rounds). Focus is on being sharp. Every punch I throw has to be as fast as I can throw them. The focus is not on work rate here.

4. 20s on 40s off x 3 minute (2 rounds). Focus is on having a high working rate, punching hard and fast (going at 100%).

5. 2 x 3 minute rounds of skipping.

6. Finish with 50 bicycle sit ups and 50 crunches.

I always try to have a little stretch after the session. Enjoy and let me know how you go after the session!

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